About Us

Loan Agency Services is the excellence in its field thanks to a team led by managers with years of experience and composed of numerous qualified professionals.

Loan Agency Services is a service company with an innovative approach and with a particularly effective services offer.The operational management is carried out by a direct dedicated team of managers with solid industry experience. For its Loan Agency Services business uses, as well as of its specialists, the exclusive relationship with KPMG that, through its international network, provides specialized skills of undisputed quality. Loan Agency Services is part of the L&P Investment Group.

  • Promotion of the project
  • Strategic guidance and control
  • Management specialist
  • Definition and services innovation

  • Staff providing
  • Administration
  • Database
  • KPMG integrated services network

The team

Roberto Mugnaioli


Founding partner of a consulting company operating in corporate finance.

Since the late 90s he has gained significant professional experience in financial restructuring, industrial turnaround and private equity, in diverse industries including consumer goods, energy, mechanical construction, tourism and biotechnology.

Board Member of companies operating in different sectors including, dairy, meat and software.

Pierluigi D’Abramo


Partner of KPMG Fides Administration Services S.p.A. since 2009, the company where he works since 1994. He has gained significant diversified professional experience in administrative and accounting management, business services, tax representation for non-residents in Italy.

For nearly 10 years he has gained significant experience in the field of securitization of receivables and proceeds from the sale of properties.


Domitilla de Nucci

Principal Consultant

She has been cooperating with LAS since 2011. Lawyer, with experience in the civil and bankruptcy law.


Brunella Amoruso


In LAS since 2012. Previous work experience in the Finance department of important multinationals, in the role of Finance Analyst and Controller.